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The name "All Souls" was chosen because it is a very inclusive name and our faith community has a ministry of being inclusive of all and exclusive of none. In the beginning, the members of All Souls felt it was better to remain independent of larger gathered communities and denominations.

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In time, however, the need to connect with like minded spiritual travelers and seekers became the desire of the membership. As it happens we turned to those who often have "All Souls" as their name: the UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST ASSOCIATION. We are now a full congregation of the UUA and delighted to be linked to and travel with this larger fellowship.

Unlike the name may suggest, however, All Souls Miami is not in the business of saving souls. The Traditional concept of "salvation" is not necessarily embraced by all. Therefore, we like to think that bringing all souls together at the same table, in a common quest for spiritual fulfillment, is what we do best.