Blue Flower




WELCOME TO ALL SOULS MIAMI. Like Miami, we are a mixed lot of all ages and backgrounds. We are, however, committed to liberal Christianity and all religious expression grounded in fellowship, a regular meal (Communion, Agape) and contemporary preaching that begins in Christian, Jewish and other religious insights. We have people that delight in miracles, probably have a mystic or two and several who are atheist and/or staunch secular humanist.

Our members come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and have often found neither a welcome or acceptance in established local faith communities. That All Souls was founded at all is a miracle in itself. Are there such liberal and "welcoming" faith communities in Miami? The fact is you can probably count them all on one hand and in West Kendall there are no churches that are committed to liberal Christianity and its connectedness to other great religions of the world.

So, here we are - inclusive of all, exclusive of none. If you are seeking, view faith as a journey or find inspiration in all sorts and conditions of belief, we hope you will find All Souls worthy of a visit. Welcome. Come and share with us.