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Because All Souls Miami does not meet in a traditional church setting, does not mean that we can not help you mark the important milestones in your life. We can do this by bringing the sacraments to you. Our minister, Dr. Kenneth Claus, is happy to travel. Whether on the beach, in a park, in a reception hall, in your home or via the Internet in a "virtual" setting, these occasions should not be fraught with rules and the boundaries of four walls. Fees vary according to distance and preparation required. Details are discussed in advance with the minister.

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The sacrament of baptism is among the most beautiful and blessed of Christian rituals, because it is in baptism that we ask for the spirit of God to reside with your child and your family. Baptism is a sacrament of joy that is shared among the child, the parents and the godparents alike.

Marriage and Commitments
Weddings and commitment ceremonies are a joyous occasion celebrating the love and union of two people who want to share their life together. As an open and affirming congregation, All Souls Miami is pleased to accept all requests for the blessing of a relationship. Church membership and pre-marital classes are not required. You may use the standard, classic wedding service or write your own.

Memorial Services
Memorial services or the Christian funeral is a service of worship in which we thank God for the gifts of life, including those that extend beyond death. And we especially give God thanks for this special person who lived among us and who now, even in death, continues in God's love and care, and lives on in our memory.